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Cover Cover The Sound of the Conch A sublime family saga by worldwide best-selling author Sarah Lark Sarah Lark’s stand-alone sequel to IN THE TIME OF THE FIRE BLOSSOMS is set against the historical backdrop of the Maori resistance to the appropriation of their land and the ...
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Cover Cover Children of Phoenix Following her debut, THE SHADOW FRIEND, Christine Drews is back with her second novel, CHILDREN OF PHOENIX, in which the detective duo, Charlotte Schneidmann und Peter Käfer, investigate the gruesome death of a dementia patient who was killed in a ...
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Cover Cover The Torero-Technique An unconventional and very personal self-help guide filled with aha-moments that has a big entertainment factor Why o why is it that most people fail when it comes to self-organization? In spite of countless how-to manuals and seminars? The ...
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Cover Cover The Super Talentanimal A little bug girl turns into a big star Bug girl Luna has a dream: she is desperate to participate in the animal kingdom’s big talent competi-tion. However, of all things, her family’s talent is the production of stinking farts that they use ...
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Cover Cover Bewitched Times. The Hidden Gate The gripping conclusion to the romantic time-travel trilogy! The original plan was quite simple: Anna and Sebastiano were to accompany an engineer into the London of the year 1813. But once they arrived there, they were faced with a far more ...
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Bastei Lübbe

Bettina Balbutis (Author)

Simpson’s Syndrome

Thirty-Three Illnesses You Wouldn’t Dare to Show Your Doctor

Weird insights into the world of medicineThe good Lord made the crown of creation susceptible to countless illnesses. Men suffer from male diseases, women from female diseases, children from ...

Bastei Lübbe

Claus Beling (Author)

So You to Shall Die

Crime Novel

A Jersey whodunit with feel-good factorSo you too shall die is after WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW Claus Beling’s second Jersey whodunit centering on the headstrong tea merchant Emily Bloom and, like its ...


Ralf Butschkow (Author), Ralf Butschkow (Illustrator)

Something's not quite right! (dt. Da stimmt doch was nicht!, also available as app)

A Spot-The-Mistake Picture Book

Take a very close look at this book - there are lots of mistakes in every picture. An amusing challenge and at the same time loads of fun for the whole Family!One morning Lisa wakes up and just as ...


Britta Sabbag (Author)

Stumbling Heart

Juvenile Book

Have the guts – and trust your heartShortly before summer break, Sanny, 15, attends by mere coincidence a rehearsal of her school’s band, Crystal. And she can hardly believe her luck, when she of ...


Monica Davis (Author)

Suddenly a Demon (dt. Plötzlich Dämon)

Young adult contemporary fantasy

Daniel is an outsider at high school but is secretly in love with his beautiful classmate Vanessa. And if that wasn’t complicated enough, he learns about his true origin as an heir to a dark legacy ...

Bastei Lübbe

Ellen Jacobi (Author)

Teatime with Aunt Alwine


An entertaining road trip through England - warmhearted and humorous  Aunt Alwine (almost 85) can no longer stand by and watch as her godson Nils (32) wastes his life being a full-time dad ...


Silke Vry (Author)

The Contortion Trick with the Portrait

Juvenile Non-Fiction

Who has contorted the portrait painting? – A fold-out art book for the entire familyHow would Frida Kahlo look if Picasso had painted her mouth? And what does August Macke look like in the suit of ...

Bastei Lübbe

Constanze Niess (Author), Stephanie Fey (Author)

The Faces of the Dead

True Crime

The trendy subject of True Crime, for the first time from the perspective of a womanTrue Crime stories are “in” like never before and have become regular features in the media, as demonstrated by ...

Bastei Lübbe

Charlotte Thomas (Author)

The Faraway Land

Historical Novel

A compelling historical novel about the incense tradeAnno Domini 1645. Young Katharina, the well-traveled daughter of a merchant from Cologne, is on the island of Crete when she receives devastating ...

Bastei Entertainment

Josephine Winter (Author)

The Lady with the Peacock Feather (dt. Die Dame mit der Pfauenfeder)

Historical Romance

Honor and vanity in a time of upheavalPart I (of III)Berlin 1924. The princess Gloria von Ilmen and Thal is pushing for a wedding. Her son, Wilhelm, should be wed to Countess Leonie von Lonstill to ...


Ann-Kathrin Kramer (Author), Heike Herold (Illustrator)

The Latest News from Matilda, the Girl from the Windowless House

Children's Book

School? No, thanks!Matilda has to go to school now! In her opinion, that’s quite pointless because outside, she can learn so much more. For instance, how to tell by the sun what time it is. Out ...

Bastei Lübbe

Michael Peinkofer (Author)

The Legacy of the Runes

Historical Novel

THE LEGACY OF THE RUNES is the sequel to THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE RUNES which sold more than 500,000 copies in Germany alone and was published in 12 countries.   The protagonist is the famous ...

Bastei Lübbe

Tibor Rode (Author)

The Lottery Ticket


In writing THE LOTTERY TICKET, Tibor Rode has produced the first major novel on the subject of the lottery. Inspired by a true event, this high-suspense thriller is set in 18th century Prussia as ...


Beate Dölling (Author)

The More I Give You

In love – lock, stock, and barrel ...Julia is in love. Her boyfriend, Jonas, takes her seriously and with him she experiences for the very first time physical passion that she didn’t know ...

Bastei Lübbe

Michael Thode (Author)

The Mute Child


The Mute Child is the impressive debut of a new German author. It revolves around the topics of genetic research and cloning. Harburg police superintendent Rolf Degenhardt and chief detective ...

Bastei Lübbe

Sofia Caspari (Author)

The Song of the Waterfall

Landscape Novel

A gripping and evocative family saga set against the breath taking backdrop of ArgentinaAfter IN THE LAND OF THE CORAL TREE and THE FLAMINGO LAGOON, THE SONG OF THE WATERFALL marks the conclusion of ...

Bastei Lübbe

Sarah Lark (Author)

The Sound of the Conch

Landscape Novel

A sublime family saga by worldwide best-selling author Sarah Lark Sarah Lark’s stand-alone sequel to IN THE TIME OF THE FIRE BLOSSOMS is set against the historical backdrop of the Maori ...

Bastei Lübbe

Michael Winter (Author)

The Story of Your Life

Gift Book

The Treasure Trove of MemoryThe years we spend with our children are packed full of stories and experiences. This album accompanies parents from pregnancy to their children’s coming of age. It ...

Bastei Lübbe

Judith Knigge (Author)

The Sun of Sennar

Landscape Novel

From Africa to Paris and London: a tragic love story with an unusual atmosphereTHE SUN OF SENNAR is an atmospheric historical page-turner about the journey of two African giraffes to the royal courts ...


Christian Matzerath (Author), Max Fiedler (Illustrator)

The Supertalentanimal (also available as app)

Children's Book

A little bug girl turns into a big star Bug girl Luna has a dream: she is desperate to participate in the animal kingdom’s big talent competition. However, of all things, her family’s talent is ...

Bastei Lübbe

Martin-Niels Däfler (Author)

The Torero-Technique

Guide Book

An unconventional and very personal self-help guide filled with aha-moments that has a big entertainment factorWhy o why is it that most people fail when it comes to self-organization? In spite of ...

Bastei Lübbe

Laura Walden (Author)

The Trace of the Maori Healer

Landscape Novel

Great entertainment for all fans of New ZealandExciting family secrets, forbidden emotions, and unpunished crimes are set against the stunning backdrop of New Zealand. In THE TRACE OF THE MAORI ...

Bastei Lübbe

Thomas Ziebula (Author)

The Whore and the Minstrel

Historical Novel

Conspiracies, intrigues, and love set against the backdrop of the Thirty Years War – finest entertainment for all fans of Noah Gordon. On a canvas with beautiful locations like Stockholm, Prague, ...

Bastei Lübbe

Sonya Kraus (Author), Jessi Hesseler (Author)

Time for Cake

Baking Book

 There is nothing better than home-baked goodies! The world of cakes, tarts or cupcakes is simply a delight. Add a beautifully decorated table to the tasty sweets and the cheerful afternoon is a ...

Bastei Lübbe

Rebecca Seeliger (Author)

Today I'm not in the Mood to Die


The captivating story of a young woman and her winning battle against fear Rebecca Seeliger was barely 24 years old when she discovered a lump in her breast. “Don’t worry, you are much too ...

Bastei Lübbe

Mirjam Müntefering (Author)

Today is Forever


Charming and touching novel about tolerance, kindheartedness, and loveMarleen and Florian live in a loving relationship and their happiness seems complete when Marleen becomes pregnant. The only ...

Bastei Lübbe

Michaela Thewes (Author)

Torrental Rains o Cloud Nine

Modern Women's Novel

A turbulent and freshly written novel about the winding paths to happinessA session with a psychic marks the turning point in Maja’s life. As it is obvious that she has no future – fact is that ...


Joachim Masannek (Author), Marc Reimann (Illustrator), Astrid Reimann (Illustrator)

V8- You want to be the Best! (Vol.2)

Children's Book

Be good! As good as you can be!David did it! Not only has he become friends with Robin Veit Acht, the rich boy from the neighborhood with all the stately mansions, with Kiki Lilou, the girl from the ...


Ralf Butschkow (Author), Ralf Butschkow (Illustrator)

What on Earth is going on here?

The big hidden picture puzzle coloring book

Funny mazes and puzzles that can be colored!Children love to color pictures and they equally enjoy Ralf Butschkow’s popular hidden-picture puzzle books. This is the reason why there is now the big ...

Bastei Lübbe

Sabine Martin (Author)

The Relic Hunter Woman

Historical Novel

A young woman sets out on a search for her identity – and on the hunt for the most precious relic of ChristianitySabine Martin’s novel contains all the ingredients of a broadly marketable ...

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