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Bastei Lübbe

Viola Alvarez (Author)

A Sky of Bronze. The Eye of the Sky

Historical Novel

THE EYE OF THE SKY is the eagerly awaited continuation of the SKY OF BRONZE saga which revolves around the Nebra Sky Disc, one of the greatest puzzles of the Bronze Age. Once again, Viola Alvarez ...

Bastei Lübbe

Claudia Busch (Author)

Above the Clouds


A stewardess shares comically absurd stories from her everyday life as a flight attendant„My name is Claudia Busch and I am your cabin attendant on this flight. I stand in the aisle with the coffee ...


Raimon Weber (Author)

Adam - The Last Chance for Mankind

Juvenile Book

When the earth becomes uninhabitableSouth Africa, 2026. Ten years earlier, a volcanic eruption triggered the beginning of a new Ice Age. Not only is life a daily struggle for survival, but there is ...


Jan Birck (Author)

Agent Morris. Breakfast can wait!

Picture Book

The weekend has arrived and the sun is shining! Secret Agent Morris is looking forward to a slap-up breakfast, when Pepe - Morris’s assistant - returns from the bakery. However, instead of bringing ...


Jan Birck (Author), Jan Birck (Illustrator)

Agent Morris. Expedition North Pool

Picture Book

Accompany Agent Morris on his trepid, top-secret mission…Agent Morris and his team are looking forward to a peaceful Christmas vacation when they discover in front of their door a little famished ...

Jan Birck (Author)

Agent Morris. The Secret of the old Windmill

Picture Book

Morris, a former private detective, is asked by the local police if he can assist them: a thief is active in the neighbourhood. Morris turns their request down, but soon after finds that he himself ...

Bastei Lübbe

Veit Etzold (Author)



“An ice cold, very brutal, but also highly suspenseful shocker. Nothing for the faint at heart."Prisma on Etzold’s FINAL CUT Veit Etzold's debut thriller, FINAL CUT, immediately went onto Der ...


Ralf Butschkow (Author), Ralf Butschkow (Illustrator)

Almost Everything Is Wrong Here - Right?

A hilarious Spot-the-Mistake Picture Book

Take a very close look at this book - there are lots of mistakes in every pictureRalf Butschkow’s colorful crowded search pictures invite everyone to browse for clues – as much and as long as ...

Bastei Lübbe

Philipp Möller (Author)

Am I a Freak or Something?


A declaration of love to our multi-faceted society, and a call for tolerance and independent thinkingIn 2012, Philipp Möller's book, ISCH GEH SCHULHOF (GOIN’ TO THE SCHOOLYARD) landed him one of ...


Micha Rau (Author), Kathleen Hoffmann (Illustrator)

Amelia Different Turns the World on its Head

Picture Book

Amelia is different than all the other children. The adults shake their heads and say: „This cannot be normal. This cannot be happening!“ But the children, they love her. In the morning, when the ...

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