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Bastei Lübbe
Taschenbuch, 334 pages
First Release: 11/28/2009
ISBN: 978-3-404-61659-6

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Anna Wolff

A Second Face

True Story / Memoir

Learning to live with neurodermatitis

The incidence of neurodermatitis is increasing worldwide, primarily in the industrial nations. International studies show that the number of cases has doubled over the last 20 years, and that even infants and small children are now commonly affected. Author Anna Wolff also suffered from extreme food allergies and asthma for many years.

In this book, Anna Wolff describes her systematic efforts to discover the underlying causes of her illness and recounts how she finally managed to find methods of dealing with it that really work. She shows what to avoid from the start and how to take the right approach. This book will encourage everyone who suffers from neurodermatitis to set out in search of their individual triggers and to take targeted Stepps against them. At the same time, the author issues a warning against applying the methods of mainstream medicine uncritically, which will only make matters worse.


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