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Bastei Lübbe
Hardcover, 476 pages
First Release: 11/14/2009
ISBN: 978-3-431-03796-8

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Viola Alvarez

A Sky of Bronze. The Eye of the Sky

Historical Novel

THE EYE OF THE SKY is the eagerly awaited continuation of the SKY OF BRONZE saga which revolves around the Nebra Sky Disc, one of the greatest puzzles of the Bronze Age. Once again, Viola Alvarez presents a brilliant mixture of adventure and suspense for all readers of prehistorical thrillers or historical novels with a trace of myth and fantasy.
In Wydlu'n, a city of priests, two women are found murdered in quick succession. Together with two friends, Hayso, the chosen one and hero of volume 1, tries to find out who is responsible for the crimes. He becomes ensnared in a dense web of lies and intrigue that appears to emanate from the mysterious Nebra Sky Disc, which is in the hands of the Dark Master. When Hayso and his friends hatch a daring scheme to steal the Sky Disc and return it to the place it originated, they find themselves in mortal danger.


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