Private Desire - Games of Seduction
 - Laura Fioretti - eBook

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Bastei Lübbe
Erotische Literatur
89 Seiten
Altersempfehlung: ab 16 Jahren
ISBN: 978-3-7325-1560-8
Ersterscheinung: 06.09.2016

Private Desire - Games of Seduction

Band 3 der Reihe "International Passion Series"
Übersetzt von Monica Bay

After a painful breakup, Elena is living a life of seclusion. But that changes when she receives a series of mysterious phone calls from a man with a very sexy voice. Thinking that it’s time she started looking for adventure, she agrees to a blind date, dressing up to the nines to impress her wannabe seducer. Massimo, the owner of the café at Elena’s workplace, barely recognizes her but when he does, he instantly regrets that he’s been persuaded to play this cruel joke on her and ends up falling in love with her. Elena, however, can’t forgive him. She wants payback and plans to make him fall head over heels for her. Her instrument of revenge: Hot, passionate sex.

Sizzling love stories packed with erotic suspense – this e-book series features self-contained erotic love stories in picturesque settings.

  • eBook (epub)
    1,99 € Sprache Englisch


Laura Fioretti

Laura Fioretti - Autor
© Laura Fioretti

Laura Fioretti ist das Pseudonym der Gewinnerin der ersten Ausgabe des italienischen Wettbewerbs «Entra anche tu in Sperling Privé». Sie ist Autorin aus Leidenschaft und in der öffentlichen Verwaltung tätig.

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