Tease me in Texas - Caprice
 - Anabella Wolf - eBook

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Bastei Lübbe
Erotische Literatur
Altersempfehlung: ab 18 Jahren
ISBN: 978-3-8387-5980-7
Ersterscheinung: 08.12.2014

Tease me in Texas - Caprice

A Glamorous Erotic Series
Übersetzt von Anna Matussek

Caprice, the sassy French redhead and Maren, her beautiful but demure friend and colleague are back in the USA, chasing a hot celebrity story for Germany’s FLASH magazine. But this time they’ll be in small town Texas for a colonial style debutante ball - instead of a glamorous party in L.A. or New York, much to Caprice’s dismay.
Their subject is young, innocent TV star Charlene Summerville, who’s one of the debutantes and under her conservative manager brother’s thumb. The journalistic duo have lots of challenges ahead of them, as Caprice’s big mouth and overt sexuality causes all sorts of hiccups before they can get their big story. To do so, Caprice and Maren need to get dirty in the deep south.
--Caprice is an erotic series that follows best friends Maren and Caprice - two journalists at Germany’s biggest tabloid magazine FLASH. Reporting on events around the world, they jet-set to meet celebrities, aristocracy, and members of high society. Maren and Caprice research their stories with hard-hitting dedication and even physically involved…
--Each episode is unique: sometimes gentle and other times a little rough. Different writers ensure each story’s individual flair. Since each author maintains her own writing style, Caprice is a completely new erotic experience from one glamorous event to the next.
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