Survivor - Episode 10
 - Peter Anderson - eBook
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Bastei Lübbe
Science Fiction
Altersempfehlung: ab 16 Jahren
ISBN: 978-3-8387-4034-8
Ersterscheinung: 22.09.2014

Survivor - Episode 10

The Garden
Science Fiction Thriller
Band 10 der Reihe "Survivor: A Science Fiction Series"
Übersetzt von Peter Millar

SURVIVOR: A digital serial novel in 12 episodes. Episode 10.

Ai, who had been seriously injured, has been left in the headquarters of the rebels by her fellow members of the SURVIVOR team. Healed from her wounds in a mysterious way, she manages to escape from the medical station. But the Overseers are quick to take pursuit. During her flight, Ai passes through a giant hall used for growing plants. The garden is lit by artificial suns and has grown into a dense jungle. In her fight against the Overseers, Ai profits from her experience as a former assassin of the Chinese intelligence service. But she is also aided by the plants of the jungle and their gardener, a creature with extraordinary qualities.

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Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson, geboren 1965, war nach Ausbildung als Verlagskaufmann und Germanistik-Studium als Lektor für Spannungsromane, zuletzt als stellvertretender Cheflektor, tätig. Er  lebt heute als freiberuflicher Lektor und Autor mit seiner Familie in der Nähe von Bonn.

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