Only the Dead Know
 - C.J. Dunford - eBook

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Altersempfehlung: ab 14 Jahren
ISBN: 978-3-7325-6339-5
Ersterscheinung: 08.05.2018

Only the Dead Know

A Daniel 'Uneasy' Truce Mystery
Band 1 der Reihe "A Daniel Truce Mystery"

After a traumatic military tour in the Middle East, Daniel "Uneasy" Truce returns home with PTSD. Something happened there. Something he never wants to come out. 

A few hand shakes later, Truce lands a new job in a ragtag investigations unit. He may be emotionally awkward, but he's got a knack for reading body language. Problem is, his boss hates him. Calls him mentally unsound. She gives Truce the dirty work. That's how he ends up with "the crazy old bat" case.

At 11 a.m. every morning, June drops by her local police station to report a murder she witnessed. Initially the cops took her seriously. They visit the alleged victim's home to find him very much alive. But June won't give up, and her daily appearances become a nuisance. Truce is tasked to investigate. To shut her up. Soon June winds up dead—hit by a car. Was it really an accident? Truce thinks there's more to the case. That maybe someone just doesn’t want the truth to come out ...
Only the Dead Know is the first book in the Daniel 'Uneasy' Truce Mystery series.

About the author

Caroline Dunford lives in Scotland in a cottage by the sea with her partner and her two young sons. As all authors are required to have as much life experience as possible she has been, at various times, a drama coach, an archery instructor, a counsellor, a qualified psychotherapist, a charity worker, a journalist, a voice actor, a hypnotherapist, and a playwright. Today she writes mainly novels, the odd (often very odd) short story, theatre plays, the occasional article, teaches and mentors. She can't remember a time when she didn't write or tell stories and seriously doubts that she could remain sane if she stopped doing so.


C.J. Dunford

C.J. Dunford - Autor
© C. J. Dunford

Caroline (J.C.) Dunford arbeitete als Psychotherapeutin und Journalistin, bevor sie ihre Liebe zum Romanschreiben entdeckte. Zurzeit ist sie Writer in Residence am Siege Perilous Theater in Edinburgh. Sie lebt mit ihrem Mann und zwei Kindern in einem Cottage an der schottischen Küste.

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