The Jesus-Deal Collection
 - Andreas Eschbach - Hörbuch
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207 minutes
Age recommendation: ab 16 Jahren
ISBN: 978-3-8387-8620-9
Release date: 23.06.2017

The Jesus-Deal Collection

Episodes 01-04
Audio Movies
Read By David Rintoul, Peter Marinker, John Guerrasio

In the sequel to 'The Jesus-Video', the video has caused for some changes and it is a blessing and a curse for Stephen Foxx and Judith Menez. Meanwhile, a man named Samuel Barron is trying something else entirely. He wants to recreate the time travel and sends back his son and three companions. They are to bring back Jesus Christ to the present time. If they can bring back the Son of God, will that fulfil the prophesized return of Jesus and more importantly, will it cause the Apocalypse?

This collection contains all four episodes of the audio thriller mini-series "The Jesus-Deal".

Episode 1: Keeper of the Legacy.
Even after moving to the US, Stephen Foxx and Judith Menez are still pursued by their past and the existence of the Jesus video is both a blessing and a curse. Meanwhile, the orthodox ascetic Samuel Barron, one of the richest men alive, has his own agenda: After years of planning, Barron intends to send his son Michael and three companions back in time. 2000 years in the past, to be precise.

Episode 2: Ex Machina.
Michael Barron and his companions are sent back 2000 years with his father’s secretly built time machine. However, their goal is more than just meeting Jesus of Nazareth. Samuel Barron wants them to bring Jesus Christ back to the present time to fulfil the prophesized return of the Son of God himself – all the while knowing that he’ll start the Apocalypse on earth. 

Episode 3: The Last Supper.
While Michael and his companions try to track down Jesus Christ, Judith’s brother Yehoshuah is kidnapped by the Mossad. Stephen and Judith have to return to Israel and try to find him. But this isn’t a simple kidnapping. All evidence suggests that someone is planning an assault on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – a guaranteed start to a Third World War. The Apocalypse seems to be within reach ...

Episode 4: New Beginnings.
With the Mossad’s help, Stephen and Judith find out more about the terror threat: a passenger aircraft loaded with explosive material is supposed to crash into the city. Meanwhile, Michael Barron and his companions reach their goal: they meet Jesus Christ personally. Will their plan of kidnapping the Son of God succeed? And can Stephen and the others still prevent the end of the world?

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