The Jesus-Video - Episode 04
 - Andreas Eschbach - Hörbuch

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Lübbe Audio
Audio Movie (Download)
57 minutes
Age recommendation: ab 16 Jahren
ISBN: 978-3-8387-7660-6
Release date: 12.05.2017

The Jesus-Video - Episode 04

Audio Movie
Read By David Rintoul, Jared Zeus, Jess Robinson

Episode 4. Exodus.
Stephen Foxx and his companions are only one step ahead of their enemies in their hunt for the Jesus-Video. Finally, in the ruins of a seemingly abandoned cloister the two groups clash. While Stephen Foxx and his team learn the last remaining secrets surrounding the video, John Kaun's mercenaries launch an assault on the cloister. Now, Stephen and Judith are not only trying to find the video, but they have to fight for their lives.
This is Episode 4 of 4 of the audio mini-series „The Jesus-Video“.
  • Audio Movie (Download)
    5,99 € Language English
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