The Sigmund Freud Files - Episode 06
 - Heiko Martens - Hörbuch
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Lübbe Audio
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mystery novel
55 minutes
Age recommendation: ab 16 Jahren
ISBN: 978-3-8387-7879-2
Release date: 04.05.2018

The Sigmund Freud Files - Episode 06

To Be and To Have
Audio Movie
Episode 6 der series "A Historical Psycho Thriller Series"
Read By David Rintoul, Carl Prekopp, Emma Tate, Nicolette McKenzie, u.v.a.

A bank is robbed in Vienna. The constables quickly arrive on the scene – one of the bank robbers is arrested while the others flee with the loot. Karl involves Sigmund in the questioning of the arrested man – the mentally unstable man is the only chance they have to find the other robbers and their spoils.

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