The Sigmund Freud Files - Episode 07
 - Heiko Martens - Hörbuch
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mystery novel
57 minutes
ISBN: 978-3-8387-7880-8
Release date: 11.05.2018

The Sigmund Freud Files - Episode 07

Audio Movie
Episode 7 der series "A Historical Psycho Thriller Series"
Read By David Rintoul, Carl Prekopp, Emma Tate, Nicolette McKenzie, u.v.a.

When two little children are murdered and the suspect – the children’s mother as well as one of Freud’s patients – is arrested, the Professor is compelled into action: he is sure the suspect is innocent. Instead he suspects the children’s father committed the murder. He is able to persuade Karl Gruber of his suspicions. Together, they explore the family background behind the case... but will they be able to prevent an impending disaster in time?

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