The Sigmund Freud Files - Episode 08
 - Heiko Martens - Hörbuch
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Lübbe Audio
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mystery novel
63 minutes
ISBN: 978-3-8387-7881-5
Release date: 18.05.2018

The Sigmund Freud Files - Episode 08

Disease and Symptom
Audio Movie
Episode 8 der series "A Historical Psycho Thriller Series"
Read By David Rintoul, Carl Prekopp, Emma Tate, Nicolette McKenzie, u.v.a.

When an old prison is renovated, the fragile diary of one of the inmates is found. The entries contained detailed information about a series of unsolved murders from a long time ago. With Anna’s support, Karl starts to interview former inmates of the prison while Sigmund tries to identify the killer on the basis of the diary entries. Who is the killer? And has he really shed his diseased ambitions?

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