The Price of Oil - Episode 7
 - Tamsin Oglesby - Hörbuch

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Historische Romane
56 Minuten
ISBN: 978-3-8387-9198-2
Ersterscheinung: 10.12.2019

The Price of Oil - Episode 7

Blood from Stone
BBC Afternoon Drama
Gelesen von Alun Armstrong, Paul Ritter

A father and son energy company are struggling with the new economics of the oil market. With their wells running dry in Turkmenistan, and having to fight Chinese companies for the right to frack under Lytham St Annes .... is Ralph wrong about getting out of oil for good? Or is his dad Charlie more of an addict than a businessman? Will we ever be able to give up oil?

Alun Armstrong and Paul Ritter star in Tamsin Oglesby's future oil comedy - set in 2045. One of a season of dramas exploring the history of oil - and the price we've paid for it.
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