The Jesus-Video Collection
 - Andreas Eschbach - Hörbuch
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Altersempfehlung: ab 16 Jahren
ISBN: 978-3-8387-8619-3
Ersterscheinung: 09.06.2017

The Jesus-Video Collection

Episodes 01-04
Audio Movies
Gelesen von David Rintoul, Jared Zeus, Jess Robinson

A strange find at an archaeological dig site in Isreal may change our view on human history and religion. When science fiction author Peter Eisenhardt is called by the multimillionaire John Kaun to help at the site, he does not understand why. At first. Once he finds out that the team in Israel has found a manual of a modern video camera in an ancient tomb, he begins to see why Kaun asked for him. Due to his research, Eisenhardt is an expert on fictional time travel and many of its theories. If this manual is not a joke and is actually 2000 years old, Eisenhardt may help answer two simple questions. Where is the camera? And what could be on it?

This collection contains all four episodes of the audio thriller mini-series "The Jesus-Video".

Episode 1: In the Beginning.
Science fiction author Peter Eisenhardt is quite surprised when the media mogul and multimillionaire John Kaun calls on him to assist at an archeological site in Israel. Stephen Foxx and Judith Menez are working there as well and they become witness of the most extraordinary archeological find in history: the manual of a modern video camera in a two-thousand-year-old tomb. The race to solve the mystery begins ...

Episode 2: The Holy City.
The manual of a modern video camera in a 2000-year-old tomb can mean only one thing: In the lifetime of Jesus Christ, this camera could have been used and might have made recordings of great historical impact. Meanwhile, Stephen Foxx deciphers parts of a message that was found together with the manual and which he kept secret from the multimillionaire John Kaun. The few deciphered pieces are enough to come to one conclusion: this is a letter from a time traveler.

Episode 3: The Mission.
The deciphered letter assures: The Jesus-Video exists. The hunt for the recording that will unhinge the known world begins. Though it’s not just Stephen Foxx and his opponent John Kaun searching for answers, soon the Vatican is interested in the ominous video as well. The hunt leads everyone to the one city that three world religions dispute over: into the Judean mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea, the historical center of Jerusalem.

Episode 4: Exodus.
Stephen Foxx and his companions are only one step ahead of their enemies in their hunt for the Jesus-Video. Finally, in the ruins of a seemingly abandoned cloister the two groups clash. While Stephen Foxx and his team learn the last remaining secrets surrounding the video, John Kaun's mercenaries launch an assault on the cloister. Now, Stephen and Judith are not only trying to find the video, but they have to fight for their lives.


Andreas Eschbach

Andreas Eschbach - Autor
© Olivier Favre

Andreas Eschbach, geboren 1959 in Ulm, verheiratet, schreibt seit seinem 12. Lebensjahr. Bekannt wurde er vor allem durch den Thriller DAS JESUS-VIDEO, gefolgt von Bestsellern wie EINE BILLION DOLLAR und AUSGEBRANNT, mit denen er endgültig in die Top-Riege der deutschen Autoren aufgestiegen ist. Sein Roman NSA – NATIONALES-SICHERHEITS-AMT befasst sich mit der brisanten Frage: Was wäre, wenn es im dritten Reich bereits Computer, das Internet und Soziale Medien gegeben hätte – und deren …

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