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Mona Kasten (Autorin)
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Trust Again

She's given up on love. But he's not giving up on her.

The moment she meets Spencer Cosgrove, Dawn knows she's in trouble. Spencer is sexy. Funny. Charming. Just her type. Or what used to be her type, before she vowed to steer clear of realtionships.

Everyone gets hurt in the end, Dawn believes.

Things only get worse when Spencer starts flirting with her, luring her in with his tenderness. But she turns him away. Because Dawn feels damaged. She knows what it's like to trust someone with her heart, only to have them shatter it into a million pieces. Never again. The wounds are still too deep. But Spencer persists. And when Dawn finds out that Spencer is hiding his own heartbreaking secret, she realizes she can't deny her feelings any more. Maybe, just maybe it really is possible for a broken heart to mend ...

Trust Again is book two in the Again series. It can be read as a standalone. If you like Anna Todd, Erin Watt, and Elle Kennedy you'll love Mona Kasten.
About the Author
Mona Kasten was born in Germany in 1992. Before devoting herself to writing, she studied Library and Information Science. She lives with her husband, cats, and countless books in northern Germany. She loves all forms of caffeine and taking long walks in the woods. Her favorite days are the ones when she can block out the world and just write. Mona loves to interact with her readers on Twitter @MonaKasten. Her website (in German) is

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Mona Kasten - Autor
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Mona Kasten


Mona Kasten wurde 1992 geboren und studierte Bibliotheks- und Informationsmanagement, bevor sie sich ganz dem Schreiben widmete. Sie lebt gemeinsam mit ihrer Familie und ihren Katzen sowie unendlich vielen Büchern in Hamburg, liebt Koffein in jeglicher …