The Dixon Rule: English Edition by LYX
 - Elle Kennedy - PB


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New Adult
Altersempfehlung: ab 16 Jahren
ISBN: 978-3-7363-2385-8
Ersterscheinung: 23.12.2024

The Dixon Rule: English Edition by LYX

Band 2 der Reihe "Campus Diaries"

Book 2 of the CAMPUS DIARIES series, the spinoff of BOOKTOK sensations OFF-CAMPUS and BRIAR U

Diana Dixon has a lot going on this summer. She’s rehearsing for a ballroom dance competition, juggling two jobs, and dealing with an ex-boyfriend who can’t take the hint it’s over. Yet despite all that, she still has plenty of time and energy to tell Shane Lindley to screw off.
Shane just moved into her apartment building and seems dedicated to sleeping his way through her entire cheerleading squad. Sure, he’s a tall, gorgeous hockey player, but he’s messing with her turf. This calls for some ground rules: no parties in her apartment, leave her teammates alone, and—most importantly—leave her alone.

What Diana doesn’t realize is that Shane’s sick of hookups and tired of being on the rebound after his long-term girlfriend called it quits. He wants a relationship. And when his ex comes back into the picture, he pretends he has one to make her jealous…and who better to play the girlfriend role than his sassy new neighbor?
Despite Diana’s reluctance to break her rule, a fake relationship is the perfect solution for her own ex issues, and soon she can’t deny something is sizzling between her and Shane. Something hot and completely unexpected.
And it might just be getting a little too real.

Die englischen Ausgaben von Elle Kennedys CAMPUS-DIARIES-Reihe im gewohnten LYX-Paperback-Format


Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy - Autor
© Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy ist eine SPIEGEL-Bestseller-Autorin. Sie wuchs in einem Vorort von Toronto (Kanada) auf und studierte Englische Literatur an der York University. Sie wusste schon früh, dass sie Autorin werden will, und im Alter von zwölf Jahren schrieb sie ihren ersten Liebesroman. Weitere Informationen unter:

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