Berlin Coffee Shop - Episode 6
 - Gerlis Zillgens - eBook

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Bastei Lübbe
Altersempfehlung: ab 16 Jahren
ISBN: 978-3-7325-1112-9
Ersterscheinung: 04.05.2015

Berlin Coffee Shop - Episode 6

Highway Robbery
Übersetzt von Sharmila Cohen

Follow Sandra and friends as they navigate life, love, and their late-twenties in Germany's hip Berlin.
As they search all of Germany for Mr. Sticker's sister, Sandra and Nils can no longer ignore the elephant in the room: that night locked in the storeroom. When they return to Berlin, Claudi creates a disaster magnet, and true to the magnet's name, Sandra soon finds herself in an inconceivable situation. Once the dust settles, Sandra invites her friends and parents to The Coffee Shop to thank them for their support. Throughout the evening, confessions emerge, tensions run high, and by the end of the night someone finds themselves alone, while one new romance is sparked..
The Coffee Shop – a cozy café in Germany's capital, Berlin – just happens to be the best office in the world. From here, Sandra practices her quirky trade as a "finder-of things." She caters to customers who have lost or want to find something that's missing from their lives. Doric Colums as an engagement gift? Check. Missing childhood photos? Done. But in her quest to grant other people's wishes, Sandra suddenly finds herself in search of her own happiness – and of herself. Toss in a dead goose, and it's the perfect recipe for romantic disaster.
Berlin Coffee Shop is a new digital serial novel for fans of "Sex and the City," "Friends," and "How I met your Mother." The story is told in six parts, as each novella builds upon the next.
Berlin Coffee Shop is produced by German publishing house, Bastei Luebbe in cooperation with TV production company Saxonia Media GmbH. Author Gerlis Zillgens lives in Germany and has written novels and screenplays and developed TV series.


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Gerlis Zillgens

Gerlis Zillgens - Autor
© Gerlis Zillgens

Gerlis Zillgens lebt und arbeitet als freie Autorin in Köln. Sie schreibt seit vielen Jahren erfolgreich Romane und Drehbücher, entwickelt Fernsehserien und tourt als Kabarettistin durchs Land. Ansonsten veranstaltet sie gern Lesungen, liebt den Blick aus ihrem Arbeitszimmer, Salsa tanzen und Berlin. 

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